Join us Tuesday August 13 at the Charred Paddock for “Name That Tune” Trivia Night!

Check out the Facebook event page for more info:

You can play as an individual or as a team
Each team will need to determine a team captain
Team captains are responsible for answering tie breakers & earning possible bonus points between rounds.
Prizes awarded for each round!(highest score for that round)
7 questions per round
Overall winner will be awarded a prize at the end of the night!(highest overall score including bonus points)
NO PHONES ALLOWED! (You can bring them but they can not be used during the game!)
Bonus point opportunities below
** 5 bonus points to teams who change their profile picture to the flyer for a minimum of 2 weeks (20 point max per team)**
*correctly answer one of the trivia questions posted in the discussion section of the event page (10 points only 1 team can win this)*
Share the event flyer 1 point per share(prior to 7pm the night of the event)
Check in via social media the night of the event 1 point per check in
Post a selfie while checking in at the event on social media 2 points(max 8 points per team)
Post a video while checking in at the event on social media 10 points (max 40 points per team)
Post a video talking about the event prior to the day of on social media 50 bonus points (50 points per team)

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