BMW Entertainment Presents: Picking The Brain Trivia @ Tarentum Eagles (2/19/20)

Wednesday Feb 19th @ 530pm the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #699 for Picking the Brain Trivia.
FYI: this is a private club so please contact BMW(text 724-759-9617) if you are not a member but you would like to participate so that we can get you signed in properly.


  • You can play as an individual or as a team
  • Prizes awarded for each round!(highest score for that round)
  • 7 questions per round
  • Overall winner will be awarded a prize at the end of the night!(highest overall score including bonus points)
  • NO PHONES ALLOWED! (You can bring them but they can not be used during the game!)

Bonus point opportunities below:

  • 5 bonus points to teams who change their profile picture to the flyer for a minimum of 2 weeks (20 point max per team)**
  • Correctly answer one of the trivia questions posted in the discussion section of the event page (10 points only 1 team can win this)*
  • Share the event flyer 1 point per share(prior to 7pm the night of the event)
  • Check in via social media the night of the event 1 point per check in
  • Post a selfie while checking in at the event on social media 2 points(max 8 points per team)
  • Post a video while checking in at the event on social media 10 points (max 40 points per team)
  • Post a video talking about the event prior to the day of on social media 50 bonus points (50 points per team)

 Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #699
204 Wood Street
Tarentum, Pennsylvania 15084

email: (BOOK ME TODAY!)
Twitter: @BMWTHEDJ
Instagram: @BMWTHEDJ 

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