Creative, driven, and passionate, Brandon Maurice Walker has been the hidden backbone of the hip hop scene in Pittsburgh for the better part of a decade. With laser focus on documenting and showcasing local talent, Brandon has been propelling Pittsburgh artists to the forefront of the international music scene.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s south side, Brandon M. Walker (BMW The DJ) fell in love with music early through the influences of his older sister and mother. Being raised by a strong woman with a passion for entrepreneurial independence, BMW was introduced to an abundance of Pittsburgh music through the basement speakeasy his mother owned. He was raised in the church, and from there, he took with him life lessons and the impactful impressions of beautiful soul-filled gospel music.

As he matured, he traveled north to Titusville, PA., to study at the University of Pittsburgh, and it was there that he got a true a taste of country music, country living, and all the stories it tells. After leaving college, he reconnected with his hometown. BMW inserted himself into the music scene as a blogger and promoter showcasing local talent through his website, brainofbmw.com.

Fast forward to today under the guidance of some of Pittsburgh’s hardest working and most respected DJs, he has carved out his own name. He packs every dance floor with barefoot women and men with sweat-soaked shirts. BMW is constantly growing and developing as a DJ, pulling from the style of his mentor, as well as legends that inspire him. His background has provided a diverse musical palate, which he uses to craft his sets song by song, stroke by stroke.