We are all bummed about the current situation. Because of the quarantine we are unable to provide our fun interactive trivia night in some of your favorite local venues. To help keep you entertained we are offering the option to play trivia with us live! We host our games weekly using the “GoToMeeting” App. Iphone or Android

Our next livestream is: TBD
To play along with us at home: TBD

  • Download GoToMeeting on your smartphone or tablet. Click here for Apple, or click here for Android.
  • Like the “Picking The Brain Trivia
  • At the end of every round send a message with your teams answers in the following format

     Team Name:
     Round #

You can simply fill in the answers one by one in the facebook message app & send them over all at once in the format above to the Picking The Brain Trivia inbox! All the answers will be checked & a winner will be announced after we review the questions & answers for each round.

The rules are similar to our in venue game. PLEASE DO NOT GOOGLE THE ANSWERS! We know that this presents a challenge but in the spirit of competition lets refrain from asking Siri, Google or Jeeves!

Business interested in sponsoring a full game, or even just 1 round for as low as $25 please e-mail us asap!

We are providing this game 100% free! If you have the ability to please donate
Paypal: or 

In addition to hosting live trivia BMW will also be DJing LIVE via his youtube channel! We try to simulcast via Instagram & Facebook but due to copyright issues those streams get shut down after a short period of time. The next DJ Live Stream will be: TBD

Facebook: BMWTHEDJ
Twitter: @BMWTHEDJ