Karaoke Contest

Official Señor Frogs Karaoke Contest rules.

    • Competition will be held weekly and in the same manner. There will be 10 weeks of qualifying rounds, therefore, at least, 20 people will be qualified for the finals. If you cannot make the finals date, please inform your host, so that an alternate can be chosen. (Finals are December 20th)
    • One performance, per entry, per week. You must make us aware of which song you would like to be judged for the contest.
    • We will allow duets to enter. BUT, you can only enter as a duet or a single, not both. If the duet performance wins, the prize is split between the two contestants. If you enter as a duet & you are eliminated you can re-enter in future weeks as a single or vise versa.
    • Winners are determined by a 1-10 s
    • You are not allowed to have any back up assistance in any round of competition.
    • There cannot be more than 20 contestants each week, ** due to time constraints.**
    • Entries are taken in the order they were received and any more than 20 entries will have to wait until the following week to qualify, unless BMW deems time is available.
      Entries for the contest will be accepted by the host via online registration (see form below). You will not be allowed to change the song entered after it has been registered. No personal CDG’s will be accepted.
    • NO ORIGINAL SONGS! (no exceptions)
    • Contestants may sing any genre of music in this contest.
    • No duplicate songs will be allowed on finals night…. song selection is first come first served.
    • Registered Contestants names will be drawn randomly, to determine performance line up.
      In case of a first place tie then a sing off will be done with a new song chosen by each performer and they will be judged off of that performance alone.
      There will be 1 Winner!
      Prize awarded are provided by Señor Frogs in Cash
    • Contestants must be on site and registered by 10:15pm – if you are not on site by that time you WILL NOT SING in the contest that night – no exceptions. (Valid for finals night only)
    • In the event that Señor Frogs closes due to weather conditions, we will extend the contest an additional week.
    • Three judges will be judging each week. There MAY be a panel of up to six judges for the finale.
    • The 3 Judges will score each contestant on Vocal Talent and Overall Performance with a rating between 1 and 10.
    • Crowd reaction will count
    • Please note that by filling out the Registration Form, you are agreeing to all rules of this contest. All decisions, by the judging panel, are final.

Senor Frogs is located at 2506 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

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